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SBCON Collaborated With US!

Fearless Community,

We are thrilled to share the incredible impact of your support as Fearless Females embarks on another wave of relief for those affected by the devastating flooding in Somalia. With a heartfelt donation of $2,800 from the recognized nonprofit organization - Somali Bantu Community of Nebraska (SBCON, we have been able to extend our aid and make a meaningful difference.

First Distribution Of the Year Recap (February 2st, 2024):

In our initial distribution, there donation allowed us to reach out to 100 families, providing essential items to enhance their well-being in that camp! Each family received mosquito nets, dates, coffee, tea, sugar, and oil – addressing immediate needs and bringing comfort in the face of adversity.

Continuing the Impact:

With the same generous donation, our commitment deepens as we gear up for the second distribution, focusing specifically on medical aid. This aligns seamlessly with our F.E.C program – Food, Equipment, and Clothing – as we aim to address holistic needs and contribute to the well-being of those struggling in the aftermath of the floods.

Your Donations in Action:

Your support is not just about monetary contributions; it's about making a tangible impact on lives. Through these distributions, we are not merely providing aid; we are extending a lifeline of hope and resilience to those who need it most.

Next Steps:

As we move forward, we will continue to update you on the progress and outcomes of your contributions. The transparency you expect from Fearless Females is a cornerstone of our mission, ensuring that every donation brings about meaningful change.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

Spread the word, share our blog post, and amplify the impact of Fearless Females in providing relief to those affected by the floods in Somalia. Your support has brought us this far, and together, we can continue to make waves of positive change

Here are the Videos from our YouTube Channel

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